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About Us

Gather Blast is family owned and independent locally operated company. We are born and raised  in the 661 formally know as the 805. Gather Blast was created to help build a new scene of digital-based entertainment within underserved markets in rural & suburban regions; empowering our customers to bring back outdoor fun & entertainment in the most digital & safest way possible! While gaming for kids is our core business, Gather Blast compliments all types of gatherings. Always remember Safety First: The pandemic has limited many families opportunities for safe family fun. Gather Blast will deliver these experiences in the safest option possible by performing a full prep in person from sanitizing to equipment check. 


We will proudly be serving Northern Los Angeles County, Santa Clarita Valley, and Kern County. The opportunity God has placed in front of us to serve our community, and provide a positive impact and change for the Antelope Valley.

Gaming & other digital amenities are not only trendy & favored by teens, with us. 

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional virtual reality and non-virtual reality gaming experiences to any social function. Our virtual reality game truck is a great centerpiece available and can assist you with any type of any birthday party, school fundraising, or corporate sponsor event.  We offer an opportunity for both kids and adults alike to immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring worlds made available by our VR-ready PS4s, and likewise offer non-VR traditional gaming alternatives if one pleases. Give your child the time of his/her life or get an outlet for yourself and your guests to relax and relieve stress by ordering our services. We can guarantee that Gather Blast will vitalize your birthday parties or gathering and make it memorable experience for a long time to come.


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